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Multiple Sclerosis - Cause, Transmission and Prevention

A path of help and understanding

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Why this website?
3. My observations
4. My interpretation
5. My cause hypothesis
6. My project
7. My statement
8. Living with fire
9. The problem
10. Practical measures
11. Extended family, friends
12. Social contact and public
13. The area where I live
14. Nutrition
15. Appeal to interested MS-affected
16. Is multiple sclerosis transmissible?
17. How is multiple sclerosis to be prevented (prophylaxis)?
18. Sources
19. Contact

1. Introduction

The disease multiple sclerosis (MS) is a mystery: Its cause is unknown, a safe therapy missing. The spread of the disease is not inconsiderable. It starts mostly in young people.

In order to change this unpleasant situation, I created this website. As a note, I would like to add that this was done in two steps.

Step one contains the cause hypothesis on 22/01/2011 without its consequence.

Step two, created a few years later, is the page you are on. It contains the consequence of the hypothesis.


Given a general remark: Current ideas are often based on the assumption that MS is an autoimmune disease. In my understanding, this assumption is, however, no more than a fiction. It is tempting simple, but ultimately unproven. In this respect may I be permitted to make this assumption and based thereon therapies in question.

My position is different: I see MS as the result of an excessive demand on the immune system caused by environmental conditions. As a result, a (neuro-) allergy to a non-infectious substance of bacterial origin can develop. The allergenic substance modifies the tissue of the myelin sheaths and triggers MS after immunological sensitization. The tissue is recognized as "foreign" by the immune system after renewed supply of the bacterial substance.

The special feature of this entanglement is the location of the responsible bacterial seed culture. The site is located in my observation not in the body of the affected, but in the area. More specifically, in the air of the interior. I tend therefore to understand the MS as an environmental disease. It appears that the germ settled under certain conditions like an invisible lodger in our homes.

It is the way of life of the germ, which determines this location. My observation is the attack-inducing substance is primarily synthesized in the air and transferred by air. This knowledge of MS has enabled me to draw resistance lines. I have tried to describe them here.

A note: Fast conversationally I added the text of this website explanatory words as an addendum. This may help to facilitate an understanding of the interrelationships of the seen of me tangle. Every reader sees the world through different eyes finally. I want to show that this approach is not mere theory, but the result of long-term engagement with this bitter disease.

One thing is add: A cure existing MS symptoms I can not promise. More, the first thing to ease the pressure on the part of MS-affected and reduce the relapse rate.

One more note: Although there are, for some incomprehensible reasons, occasional rejections of my approach. Due to my practical MS experience, I can still recommend to those affected to proof the proposed fire concept. Necessary requirements must be available, as described below. This would enable you to form your own judgment. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised in the long run.

For a quick overview, I recommend reading chapters 2 to 7 without addendum.

2. Why this website?

The answer to this question lies, aside from the above remark, in my situation: I'm sure to know something about the origin of the disease MS and about measures that could help to defuse the disease process of MS, perhaps also to prevent new cases. I have put a significant portion of this knowledge for over 5 years onto Internet, informs competent bodies but harvested only disappointing silence.

As etiology of MS a whatever-looking environmental factor is suspected. The based on epidemiological data conjecture looks civilized living conditions such as the high standard of living and / or high hygiene claim. It might be a conflict between the individual everyday culture of civilized man and nature.

The latter assumption I have taken up and from my own experience as a MS-affected the cause hypothesis on 22/01/2011 developed. But this was, as I said, unheeded.

With my practical experience as sufferer of the disease and my understanding of the rules of biological evolution I am convinced that on the hypothesis "there is something" that is active against this "burden of the white man" as a scientist once put it.

That's why I created this second website. It is addressed to people with MS. I want to tell them, the consequence of the hypothesis whose publication I have postponed for various reasons so far. The consequence of the hypothesis, described here for the first time, involves the method of defusing the disease process of the MS by means of appropriate measures in the personal environment of the affected person. About possibly resulting opinions MS-affected at the address below e-mail address I would be happy.


A note on the general situation: In truth the problem with MS still burns despite some "cheering speeches". Therefore, I dare to ask another hypothesis into the net, even though it may be the hundred-and-what number.

The text of the hypothesis is addressed to MS-affected and connected to an appeal to MS-affected. Because according to previous experience can bring the ball rolling apparently only this group. Hence, we are a stand-alone solution to the affected and nothing else. I hope that you, I mean the person concerned, help via the route outlined itself and perhaps this project. And I hope that in this way is to identify the real cause of MS.

I will try to help with hints and tips. This is for example the Addendum on alternative fireplaces happen. Furthermore, an e-mail contact is in section 18 at the end of this page indicated. I must, however, limiting to say that I do not like to sit at the computer (even there are limits due to MS).

A side note: My engagement with this disease covers a period of more than 50 years. During this time me many disease relapses have taken, little and sometimes quite violent. I have early started to monitor disease relapses and their previous circumstances in detail. From a fund has been created which has helped me to be decisive in the development of the cause hypothesis. This makes perhaps understandable why my hypothesis looks somewhat different than that of the medicine.

3. My observations

My observations have shown that it is primarily a question for the MS to a bacterially induced events, but not an infectious disease in the traditional sense. Bacteria it seems to be able to circumvent the immune surveillance of people in a sophisticated way.

The moment of danger can go unnoticed and people based in the closed space occur.


This brief description of the observations leaves open many questions. For example, as an interested party comes to a cause hypothesis of MS, stating that it is a bacterially induced Done? To give an answer here, I have to report observations, mention details and also proceed in steps.

At the beginning of my research was a presumption that a mysterious environmental factor triggers the disease attack. But some said the data collected by the medicine, but for me crucial the personal impression. It was the suddenness of the attack, which made me think. Especially in the early days of my MS I felt the disease attack like a bolt from the blue. All previously seemed to be fine. But then came something that rolled over me so suddenly and unexpectedly. That was something I did not understand, but I wanted to understand.

There were a number of striking circumstances that preceded a MS-attack with me. This I could not evaluate or classify initially. But they suggested me to a systematic observation.

Through the professional background to me the relationship between cause and effect was not entirely unknown. Therefore, thinking about possible causes of MS was perfectly logical.

What could this be, that changed my life at the age of 25 years than? This was finally the central question that preoccupied me.

The first step to get ahead here was a simple act: The Grab a notebook. So that I could record in writing in case an MS relapse prior circumstances. The second step was the study of biology.

In the course of studying matured in me the idea that MS may the result of a conflict between the predetermined nature of the life of man and as its life in the last two centuries. For this, the first late appearance of MS speak in the history of medicine. More, however, influenced by the attack of MS me the above-described personal impression.

So time passed. Often I had to observations and conclusions I drew discard. But finally, there was a core of solidified continuously. This core was the key to understanding my MS.

This core resulted from the MS attacks that took place repeatedly in a very specific context. This drew the suspicion in a direction that I finally published the book in 1981 (see 16 sources). This suspicion said that the shear-inducing substance is included in the nutrition, and that is when it is influenced by bacteria. I had this can determine more times by scent samples in retrospect. In addition there was the impression that such certain food his evil action does not lose by thoroughly roast (kitchen). This led to rough conclusions about the nature of the substance. And I had observed that within an hour after consumption of the suspected food was going on a perceived diffuse change in my body, I had to understand many hours later than the beginning of an MS relapse. These observations were very valuable to me in the course of MS. However, they were only in MS relapses due to inconsistent food, not at the later detected air transmission of relapsing-causing substance.

All this brought together me to suspect a bacterial cause of MS. For me, this approach was plausible because it was in a range of human food with its bandwidth and perishability.

Later, however, by recent experience, even that of many readers of the book, I had to take note that I had registered only a marginal effect on overall Done MS. While this was disappointing, but had a theoretical pathway demonstrated what competent bodies confirmed fortunately.

My search so continued. It was in the following years influenced by health problems that had nothing to do with the MS. There were problems with the bronchi system. From medical point of view a syndrome was diagnosed, which is close to the rheumatic diseases. By many independent experiments, I found that the bronchial problems with certain practical measures inside the home in which I lived, were to disarm. And I had the impression that these measures could affect the MS problem somehow for the better, to my surprise.

The practical measures inside the apartment included the heating and the thermal facilities. Another measure, which was more or less out of my gut feeling, concerned my local movement patterns: Outside in the wild I felt many times better, but not in the interior crowded with many people. The latter finding was confirmed by a number of MS attacks that occurred in connection with gatherings of people in a closed space.

From this measure with respect to the local movement pattern is a peculiar question was formulated: Promotes the for-free environment through locked room MS risk and is this possibly from people?

This question and the observations described above threw a bar of further questions that I could not answer right away. It was like a tangled puzzle for me. The issues articulated my search in other fields, especially the meteorology. Although I had by the former profession basic knowledge, but had to work myself in.

So I came to the really trivial realization that ambient air can also contain liquid water in addition to water vapor. And that this liquid water in the volume may be extremely variable. This realization I let flow into my interpretation.

4. My Interpretation

Challenges of our time can be simple answers often not. It was not the knowledge of experts, which had led me to this conclusion. It was my knowledge of biology, my observations and a little intuition.

My interpretation of what happened: In the atmosphere of the enclosed space, which we refer to as the interior, it may go unnoticed come to a bacterial germ settlement. One of the results I see in the MS, which may arise in particular in the bedroom at the present time. The open wood fire prevent these germ settlement and further also in the region of the upper respiratory tract of humans.

Generally open fire is related with the air exchange which removes germs of the air of the interior space and combustion gases from wood make germs harmless. The MS could therefore only propagate, as the open wood fire from the houses of the people disappeared.


Complementing this brief explanation some basic terms: In my estimation, the MS is not an infectious disease. The disease does not meet the specified criteria from the medicine of infectious disease because, inter alia, the causative germ is not certified at the site of disease. With the location of the disease here is the CNS meant specifically the myelin sheaths of axons.

My observation is the causative germ settled in the case of MS out of the body, so in the area. The seed appears as a non-infectious "remote weapon", which triggers the MS attack. I understand the MS therefore as an allergy, getting the causing substance from the outside into the human body.

A few words about the history of my interpretation:

In MS research it was often thought that MS is caused by an unknown germ. Various infectious theories were established, but no reliable evidence could be provided.

In the middle of the last century, German Professor Heinrich Pette presented the working hypothesis of neuroallergy. He argued whether allergies to bacteria or to metabolism products of bacteria could be responsible.

In ignorance of the work of Professor Pette, I suspected a similar cause of MS in the seventies of the last century. This suspicion has accompanied me in the following decades and ultimately led to this homepage.

Now for the final note in the addendum "My observations":

I developed from the realization that ambient air in addition to water vapor can also contain liquid water, the idea that liquid water can serve as a temporary habitat in airborne bacteria. Liquid water is produced highly variable by condensation of water vapor on airborne nuclei (suspended particulates). The effect occurs because of high atmospheric stability increasingly on the enclosed space. The source of liquid water may be human breathing.

The airborne condensation nuclei are called particles aerosols, the liquid water aerosol water. All this is invisible and is in the micro-space, one spatial dimension, where the basic unit is 1 micron, thus a thousandth of a millimeter.

Lastly, I came to the conclusion that living under interior aerosol water can enable bacterial metabolism. This can eg be caused by trace substances of human breathing, diffused into aerosol water.

In the cause hypothesis on 22/01/2011, I have already said a lot about the complex aerosol water, but mostly in terms of interior conditions. In fact, it is a general environmental occurrence, both inside and outside. Outside, however, the effect is conspicuous only in special weather conditions because of the generally prevailing atmospheric disturbances.

To my mind, this event also determines the geographical spread of disease MS. One reason for this could be that only aerosol water of sufficient volume can be a prerequisite for bacterial activity in the airspace.

The factor aerosol water is dependent on many factors, e.g. the water vapor content of the air, the sunshine, the temperature, stratification and stability of the air. This may probably explain the increased incidence of MS in the area of the flow paths that epidemiological studies have yielded.

Essential information on lifestyle and possible transmission chain of the seed I received from medical reports of antibiotic-resistant bacterial germs, such as this web address. Not only these reports strengthened my in the cause hypothesis recited guess that the germ originates from the staph family. And they strengthened my view that MS is basically an event of biological evolution.

5. My cause hypothesis

As already said, the cause hypothesis on 22/01/2011 of the MS is the result of many years of personal struggle with this disease.

The hypothesis is certainly not perfect in the scientific sense. In addition, I have not mentioned many marginal aspects and crucial not its consequence.

Because of the supposed absurdity of this consequence I hesitated a long time for publication. Too much struggled in me. How do I want to present something that seems implausible and strangely in the general understanding especialy because of the severity of this disease

6. My projects

Given this situation, I have now chosen a path that is certainly unusual. I turn with a statement directly MS-affected, with the request that they be examined in the contained in this home page catalog of measures and in the presence of results to make this true and correct common knowledge. This can happen in social networks or in an appropiate forum.

7.My statement

I think it is likely that occasional sitting and breathing immediately before the open wood fire provides a protection which slows down the disease process of multiple sclerosis and preventing new disease relapses.

Why this is so, I will explain in detail in a yet to be written book. That I need for some time, I ask to understand.

The way out for people with MS is therefore to live differently - to live with fire. When I wrote this, memories surfaced on a many years ago published book of a MS-affected, Cordula Lipke: "Run as long as you can" (excerpt shortened): "The more I thought about it, the clearer it became to me that this suffering had a meaning, to give me the chance to live differently".


The positive experience that I have made in recent years with the wood fire, but unfortunately not understood, refers to an own open fireplace and for the first time 7 years after diagnosis of my MS. At this time, motor disorders of my MS already had set. According to the then following encouraging problem-free years with MS (more than 10), there was lack of wood and a reorientation in southern countries. So the open fire was out. The fireplace I finally replaced by a tiled stove of today's construction, with negative results: The MS came back in small increments. Today, unfortunately, my health condition corresponds to the image of a classic MS. This development only since 3 years as a result of strong MS attacks in close succession. Located in the home environment triggering potential danger of these episodes I have not detected in time.

Obviously it is difficult to assess the action of the fire seen here alone with the absence of MS attacks. Too many factors play a role. In fact, I have not even suspected in the long period of absence of MS symptoms, that this could have to do something with the open fire.

A long time I have pondered what might have been the cause of the turn in my MS. That the change in diet is responsible, was my first response, of which I was convinced at the time. But more and more I had to free myself of it. MS sufferer who were willing to live according to my diet concept, did not share my success stories. I was insecure. Sometimes I thought of an incredible game of chance.

Very late, I then included the factor "fire in the fireplace" in my thoughts, but this is soon discarded because of apparent absurdity. Only when I started thinking about special characteristics of the fire, the swing came:

First I saw the high radiation temperature that dries the aerosol water contained in radiation yard of fire. The high radiation temperature is indeed achieved by conventional ovens with fire room window, but not for example by central heating.

For persons who are in the radiation yard of fire, the humidity is reduced in the upper respiratory tract and thus cut back bacterial activity.

And secondly I saw the presence of superheated steam in the radiation yard of the open fire. Superheated steam has among other things an excellent germicidal effect. This effect is used in microbiological or medical laboratories for sterilization.

The knowledge of these effects has prompted me to install a stove in the house where I lived in. When the stove was burning, I realized that this is not comparable to the open fireplace. Nevertheless, I made a surprising experience: Disappearing of side effects of my MS.

For this purpose the following should be noted: A reliable assessment of the fire concept is probably not easy. There are long periods of time necessary for it. For me, the disappearance of some not regularly occurring side effects of MS, such as facial bleach, sweaty palms, progressive body weight loss, bleeding gums, inflammation of the posterior teeth, depression, diarrhea, back pain is faster elusive evidence of viewed here activity. This may sound strange, but it is also a result of my observations.

In the beginning I did not want to admit this swing. But then did not fit surprisingly my pants. On the scales, I found to have increased to 15 kg. It should be noted that I lost body weight for years, more and more. Sometimes it was no more than 55kg with a height of 176 cm.

For MS-affected this experience is not quite rare. And it is not the only one which I noticed. In fact, all above listed symptoms disappeared.

8. Living with fire

All life is problem solving, Karl Popper said. Problems makes today's way of life, in regular an open fire in the fireplace is almost a contradiction and it is in addition restricted by law. The danger of an open fire is commonly well known.

It makes no sense to abuse our time over haste, excessive regulation and perfectionism. How could an alternative look like? I see this in the freedom and inventiveness of the individual.

Now to practice the action plan: A straight approach is undoubtedly the wood fire in the fireplace. This is despite all the disadvantages and objections. An acceptable compromise, the now more frequently encountered fireplace offers. Meanwhile windowed firebox door can be opened widely and directly feel the closeness of the fire for a short time. In addition, a proportion of not quite unimportant in this context, radiation of the fire passes through the combustion chamber window into the living room. The best effect is the oven when it is really hot. The limiting condition: It works only with firewood, not with coal and not with lignite briquettes.

Because of the supposed absurdity of my testimony all over again and this time something different: We are accustomed to find heat anywhere in the room. Now we will give up this habit and head to the place where heat has its origins, to the fire.

Such attempts need time in the execution and in the effect. First, hardly anything will change. But after a while the nose breathing is free, allergies and colds will remain rare and subject to the following below points in my experience the haunted MS disease relapses do not come. Existing damages, however, are not affected.

The positive effect of open fire shows up clearly in the early stages of MS. However, the suppression of a possible bacterial colonization in this way takes time over the length I can give no reliable information. However, I have the impression that this does not take too long.

Please notice again that a cautious, careful use of the fire is announced and self-evident.


I want to say something to fire practice: The wood fire does not burn all day. This is, for example, at bedtime and often hardly possible in the remaining time. In the time when I was sitting by the open fire, the fire burned only irregularly and only temporary. However, I have always ignited it myself and guarded. The closer contact with fire, of which I speak here, arose.

An unfortunate feature of today's stoves is possible smoke when opening the combustion chamber door. This is usually a result of the large fire door that does not fit the chimney cross-section. I have among others a smaller stove with a stove door 20 x 20cm. When opening this stove door, I don`t have smoke.

The reality now looks like that the open fireplace or stove no longer fits into contemporary life. Fire places must be supervised, make dirt, are a burden on the environment and much more. This is not like simple. How could an alternative look like?

An alternative hearth I see in a stove, burning liquid gas (propane, butane). In theory this fire fulfills the same purpose, is portable and has the considerable advantage of being briefly switched on and off.

I can certainly confirm the positive effect of the gas fire in respect of side effects of MS. At least it will be possible in this way to get an idea of the wonderful action of the fire. However, the liquid gas oven must not be operated in a closed space. Here, the terrace itself, eg.

And then is to note that liquid gas stoves in category "blue flame" or "catalyt" unlikely work under this task. An oven with ceramic burner in this respect is indeed a compromise, but in my impression of sufficient function.

An intermediate result of my tests: Many burners are too strong and can be regulated hardly. I have therefore preferred smaller and gradually controlled devices. And then the burner should be installed in breathing height (for the sitting posture). General applies here: the market is big. A funny, yet functional sample of the lower price range is named "angler heating".

On theoretical grounds, I would like to focus finally on the not insignificant role of fire in the evolution of man. With the unique ability to control the fire, man could have an energy that goes far beyond the measure of his physical nature. He has used this power to protect himself and his dominance. I think that beyond the fire has also promoted the important group cohesion and more. This is true even for the development of verbal language. More I've been said in cause hypothesis on 22/01/2011.

9. The problem

This is the bitter side of the story, which will also cause violent objections. Why does this happen?

The answer: According to medical data available to me about 20% of the population are permanent germ carrier in the upper respiratory tract, especially in the nasal vestibule. There, the immune surveillance is limited because of different skin structure, and thus a preferred settlement space for the seed. The germ can lead from here attacks on the human body.

And now the problem: germ carriers of this type are often germ donor. They are sometimes surrounded for this reason, in the interior of a real germ cloud, equivalent to a local seed compaction. The germ cloud is indeed invisible, but not quite inconsequential.

Germ carriers do not fall on very. Mainly you do not recognize them. Only frequently repeated cough, small cough, or - in children - barking cough may be clues. There are, according to my impression, absolutely unobtrusive germ carriers.

The foul core of this situation: Seed clouds of this kind may contain as an ingredient, which is still unknown, the agent that starts an immune response in MS-affected. This is the beginning of an MS relapse. Thus, if the MS-affected breathing air of such germ Cloud, a MS attack can occur.

Again: The germ carrier does not have to have MS to transmit the MS relapse. It is only the transfer of the triggering factor.

The MS attack, however, does not come in general. The immunological reaction is depending on many other factors. For example, it is the time of development of the disease, which determines the immunological reaction. A rough guideline is the duration of disease and in particular the number of recently expired MS attacks. And there is also nature, number and behavior of the critical air particles, so that bacteria-bearing aerosols. These are tiny, invisible and resistant in the closed space for a long time because they settle down slowly. A seed cloud thus remains for a certain time in the room, even if the germ carrier leaves the room. This means that the air exchange behavior of the users of the room is in this aspect of great importance.

So seed clouds occur in varying degrees and resistance, among others, depending on specific characteristics of the wearer, but also by physical conditions of the interior, for example, also of local humidity (not the relative humidity).

Seed clouds can occur more frequently when people with cold are in the room or have stopped there.

And then I am assuming, that MS-affected often are themselves germ carriers without having knowledge of it. Through contact with the fire, as described above, this state will scale back.

In medicine, this here seen critical germ settlement in the area of the nasal vestibule, as far as I know, is classified as non-pathogenic.

10. Practical measures

Now to the practical measures: With a simple piece of advice I unfortunately can not serve. I can only report what I myself have done, and what is my life still today.

There are, for example motion steps that would normally go without hesitation. It opens a door into a room or apartment and is on target. But for me when I realized the implication, this actually natural flow was disturbed. Although it was mostly good, but these motion steps showed by repeating those rare cases in which subsequently an MS attack occured.

Even as I unlocked or opened a door after this realization, there was always a moment of uncertainty, especially when I came to a strange door. I could not predict what was coming up on me. There was no warning, no repellent hand. Finally, unexplained physical resistance came with me, especially when a room longer time was unused and sealed. This, too, I would like to mention, although this physical resistance is not directly related to MS in my estimation. The answer to questions related to professional consultants were always the same again: This can be explained probably only mentally.

Especially the suddenly and unexpected upsurge of this physical resistance made me doubt this answer. Therefore I made my own decisions. These related to my behavior: I endeavored henceforth to avoid possible danger zones.

An interruption: The majority of MS attacks I caught like a cold. Both occur preferentially in the interior, without warning and without any particular sign. Outside, in the wild no one of these problems exists for me. And there I did not know such a thing as this inexplicable physical resistance.

So my way was primarily the Dodge and this was not always easy. So I drew circles of danger. In the inner circle, I find myself, the spouse and the children, so the dwelling under one roof family. This danger area is, if possible without restrictions to disarm by "fire treatment". However, this can only lead to success if all members of the family have a regular contact with the fire. A pleasant way would be the kind invitation to the family to enjoy the fire together here.

At this point I would like to insert another intermediate remark which might offer interested MS-affected a guidance. It's in MS-affected not quite rare occurrence of persistent diarrhea (diarrhea). In my experience, this may be an indication of bacterial contamination of the apartment in which you live.

The same holds true for elevated blood pressure in people with MS.

11. Extended family, friends

The second danger area includes the extended family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors etc. The treatment of this danger circle is a bit more difficult. To develop a sense of what can be critical here without stepping too close to someone or being a burden - it was not always easy for me. My most common way was the retreat.

The resulting here of problems can be stress loaded in the act and be difficult. Some of it is almost unacceptable in a family, partnership or socially. Only with a high degree of tolerance, compromise and sensitivity some of these difficulties have to be overcome.

12. Social contact and public

The third major problem area is the general social contact and the public. For this I must add that, for example, areas where many people remain in a sitting position, have developed for me as a particular trap. I avoid this problem area therefore almost completely.

This is not easy for me for sure. I no longer go to the theater, not the movies, not to a concert or other events, not even to private meetings if they do not, at least, be held partly outdoors. In short, I go almost nowhere. However, there is the outside and also the wonderful possibilities of electronic communication.

This intricate affair is certainly a tough challenge for the interested MS-affected. One even have to ask whether the problem is ever to be solved. To hope for a remedy by medical personnel, is futile currently believed. In addition, the long-term success of an antibiotic suppression of germ settlement described here is also dependent on the environment of those affected by the housing, from friends, partners, enterprises and other contacts, and therefore taking into account all circumstances probably not last. I think, the MS-affected should be active here himself.

In my catalog of measures, as already said, the first step is the open fire and a reliably effective ventilation of the living space in which one lives. This would achieve a lot indeed.

My additional recipe is largely to avoid possible hazards. I answer here usually with mobility, physical and psychological, that means also in the thinking and behavior and therefore I would like to come back to the beginning-made note: Live differently.

13. The area where I live

In the cause hypothesis on 22/01/2011 I have written quite a bit about possible complications in the interior. A key factor here is the ventilation. This must be regularly and effectively. On condition are free ways and an active force. A ventilation eg with a fully open window can therefore be ineffective because active forces are missing. Insofar the cross ventilation is the method of choice. This will be done through a second window, or better, a outwards leading door. The alternative is - not good - the fan.

In my experience a brief but effective ventilation once or twice a day is sufficient. At this stage you should not stay in the room yourself.

In the time of the fired open fire or stove regular ventilation can usually be eliminated.

And then there is the window effect I have described that way. Here I am again inhibited because I have postponed the mention of this effect in the past for the same reasons as the consequence of the hypothesis. I have noticed this effect through my sense of space.

This effect is to my understanding a result of a physical property of window glass. Glass is not only transparent to visible light but also up to a limit in the near infrared. Within this infrared range are calculated the energy-intensive radiation bands of water vapor, which plays a central role in this event. More in the hypothesis.

Therefore, I try to block the coldness bridge thus formed by simple means. For this I use at night inside an adjustable blackout panels or shutters. Conventional curtains are insufficient as a rule. As soon available tasting material I initially used for instance thick carton board.

14. Nutrition

Also bacterial-attacked food can trigger an MS attack. This is an experience, which I have written in a book many years ago: "From another point of view", see 16. sources.

However, the mentioned in this book "Danger Zone Diet" is no longer in the foreground, in my current assessment in the overall event. Currently recommended is a natural and emphasized fresh food and - this is important - the safe exclusion of out-of-date food, even if it has been previously heated.


Here is a brief note: In the early days of my MS relapses have occurred that I could bring in connection due to the temporal relationship with bacterial attacked food. I then took precautions that are more or less passed me in "flesh and blood". In fact, similar incidents have not occurred in the subsequent period.

15. appeal to interested MS-affected

If it should be possible in this way to bring a firing pulse into the cause and treatment discussion of MS, this would be a success of those affected. Everyone should assess the hypothesis from personal experience. A precondition is the remaining physical ability and an appropriate and if possible also helping environment.

I would again appeal to all those interested to play experience objectively correct and fair.

16. Is multiple sclerosis transmissible?

For many years there has been a rumour that MS is contagious and even more so that it is hereditary. However, the medical response to infection is clear: MS is not an infectious disease and therefore not contagious. One of the reasons for this statement is that pathogen germs could not be reliably detected at the site of the disease.

With regard to heredity, medical research is more cautious. I found the statement that the family pattern is not typical of a hereditary disease. But are there other ways of transmission? I believe that this question must be admissible here.

To approach this question, a distinction must be made between the MS relapse and the initial development of MS.

To transmit an MS relapse, I would like to begin with the following sentence: You have to have MS to experience relapse transmission. This sentence means that only MS patients are theoretically able to recognize this connection. In fact, it sounds easier than it really is. Aggravating circumstances are: The MS episode occurs relatively rarely, suddenly and unexpectedly. The immune reaction that takes place at the beginning of the attack can hardly be felt or recognized physically. Only after the immune reaction has elapsed does increasing physical damage become apparent, which then no longer have a direct connection to the phase of relapse triggering.

This means that special conditions or circumstances must exist in order to consciously experience the relapse transmission. This includes, as already mentioned, a certain sensitivity and the progressive development of the disease. Moreover, only multiple repetition can provide a reasonably reliable statement. Nevertheless, I think that without a theoretical background, it is hardly likely that this will be recognised.

The starting point of the entanglement MS is the bacterial concentration of the suspected pathogen in the human nasal atrium. There it usually remains unnoticed or undetected, neither by humans themselves nor by their immune system.

Following constellations with source potential, i.e. places of latent risk of relapse, struck me:
a) interior space after a germ carrier has previously stayed for a longer period of time,
b) direct counterpart in conversation with a cold germ carrier in the interior,
c) interiors with a regular stay of many people, e.g. large events,
d) spoiled food.

Note: As already mentioned in chapter 9, there are also inconspicuous germ carriers. And then it must be taken into account that the MS patient can also be a carrier of germs.

In my experience there are moments of infection in MS, but not in the sense of the classical infection. Or to put it another way: A relapse transmission is a complicated, hardly plausible event.

Now I come to the second point, the initial development of MS. Experience is naturally lacking here. However, I consider the epidemiological findings of the now deceased American professor of neurology, John F. Kurtzke and others who suspected that MS was introduced to the Faroe Islands during the Second World War by British occupying forces via an infectious agent (reference see below). Previously, MS did not seem to exist there.

I reported on the findings in the cause hypothesis of 22.01.2011 under Faroer Islands. To my knowledge, this finding is the only scientifically documented evidence of MS transmission.

With my understanding of MS, I agree with Kurtzke's assumption, except for the interpretation that it is an infectious agent. Why, I explained in my hypothesis.

Certainly there was a lot of contact because of the local proximity of the house of the locals and the so-called Indmark, on which the English soldiers lived. The germs I am talking about here have probably also been transmitted from soldiers to inhabitants. But there is more to the development of MS, as I suspect.

First something general: Due to the average annual temperature, the Faroe Islands are certainly not among the natural sites of the germ.

The Staphylococcus aureus germ, which is probably involved here, is mesophilic, i.e. it shows optimal growth in the temperature range between about 20°C and 40°C. This temperature range does not fit to the Faroe Islands. The germ can only find a suitable habitat in these zones on or in the human or animal body or in the immediate environment. In concrete terms, this can be in humans the nasal atrium or aerosol water in inhabited interiors.

Another epidemiological finding of MS may be helpful in this consideration. This is the finding of the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland. This finding resulted in the world's highest MS prevalence rate (402/100,000).

In general, the prevalence rate of MS in northern Scotland is significantly higher than the Central European average. But this does not explain the statistical outlier Orkney. What may be the reason for this?

Here I would like to speculate a little with the following text:

During the Second World War, the Orkney Islands played a not insignificant role. The number of soldiers stationed there exceeded that of the local population many times over.

My question: Did this drastic change in the living conditions of the Orkneys in wartime also have a bacterial effect for decades?

In times of war, common bedrooms for soldiers were certainly not rare. This can explain an increased settlement of the germ discussed here in the community of soldiers.

And now back to the Faroe Islands. There, too, the military was obviously the pioneering force for MS. But this alone is not enough to cause MS, as already suspected above.

I assume that the germ had to settle in the houses of the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the aerosol water. In my opinion, as described above, this depends on the user behaviour of the residents and other factors. I am thinking in particular of the individual conditions in the bedroom.

The ability of the germ to take up an intermediate depot in the aerosol water of the interior is therefore decisive. This serves to support the long-term bacterial attack organised in steps, which can eventually lead to MS.

In summary, I therefore see the transferability of MS as a fact.

17. How is multiple sclerosis to be prevented (prophylaxis)?

A further consequence of the cause hypothesis of January 22, 2011 is the work goal of preventing disease. I would like to conclude by this point, even if this question can not be answered with certainty in the current situation. For the advantage of the frequent repetition, as in the case of the MS-relapses, does not exist here. I am referring to the advantage which has been a decisive factor in the formulation of the cause hypothesis. A single specificity, which has been remembered from the time of the initial MS immunization, will be addressed below.

On the subject: The initial MS-immunization remains initially unnoticed and proceeds inconspicuously. In this respect, there are also no observational data which might indicate risk factors. So here are only assumptions, which I think today, however, not quite unlikely.

Originally the immune system is likely to be exposed to a persistent irritation. To my knowledge, this stimulus is based on the described bacterial metabolic activity in the aerosol water of the living room atmosphere. In the first place is the atmosphere of the bedroom. The stimulus is increased by a settlement of the germ as described in the nasal atrium.

In the sense of a risk over-regulation, this should be changed with a regular and effective ventilation as described in chapter 13. Here, in particular, are the bedrooms of the children and adolescents that I think of. This requirement is reduced by heating, but on a smaller scale and depending on the type of heating.

Now to the above-mentioned personal feature that illuminates a section of my youth.

I got my first own room at the age of ten. It was small, had a large window, was unheated and oriented north. The bed was often clammy during the winter months. But what I would like to describe first of all, was a property of the room, which strongly restricted the ventilation. The curtain hacked and could hardly be pushed aside. The window was only open to the curtain. As a result, the ventilation of the room was only possible to a limited extent. This circumstance - as I see it today - was an essential starting condition of my MS. I had caught the causative germ somewhere and it could settle down in my bedroom because of the conditions.

Such an entanglement is certainly not an isolated case, for there are many things comparable, for example, in the simplest form the exclusive ventilation with a window on tipping.

The adolescent experience I have taken up to point to an obvious procedure of MS prophylaxis, the appropriate housing ventilation.

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